Partner Banks

Our Financing Partners

To simplify the process all financing mechanisms are channeled through local Partner Banks, who receive continued support from the Programme’s Project Consultants.

Credit terms and conditions are set by the local Partner Banks and the ultimate decision whether or not to extend financing to an applicant company is made by the Partner Banks only. EBRD, EU and the Project Consultants have no influence on this decision.

The Project Consultant is responsible for the technical assessment of investment projects and, together with the Verification Consultant, for setting and checking grant amounts. The Partner Banks will pay Grant incentives to the owners of successfully completed and verified projects. However, the Partner Banks have no influence on the level of grants to be paid out.

The following Partner Banks currently participate in the Albania SME Competitiveness Support Programme in Albania:

OTP Group is a leading banking group in Central and Eastern Europe. Serving more than 19 million customers in twelve countries with modern tools and a wide range of financial products. Its unique success in Europe is also due to headquarters in the region and 70-year history: OTP Group understands the needs of customers well, is open to innovation, and its development is determined by predictable, stable operations. Since its 1949 founding, the company has developed to a universal financial service provider banking group.

OTP Group entered the Albanian banking market officially in 2019, though an official announcement dated August 2nd 2018 by Societe Generale, announced the sale of its remaining shares in Societe Generale Albania to OTP Bank Albania.

OTP Bank Albania has a strategically positioned branch network and a network of strategically located ATMs throughout Albania. The growth and broadening of the branch network has come hand in hand with the increase of the number of customers.