Supporting SMEs to access the European Union market through improved competitiveness

Through loans and grants, the SME Competitiveness Support Programme helps SMEs in Serbia to increase their capacity of in trading with EU clients as well as in their home markets by making targeted project investments easier

Building profitable SMEs in Serbia

What is the SME Competitiveness Support Programme in Serbia?

The prospect of EU membership presents many opportunities for Serbia  and especially SMEs in the country. However, progress with the adoption of the acquis communautaire will involve significant regulatory changes, giving rise to a large investment burden for enterprises to comply with the new standards. The Serbia SME Competitiveness Support Programme was developed specifically to assist privately owned SMEs to meet the new regulations and to understand the improvement requirements in the field of environmental protection, occupational health and safety and product quality and safety.

The new credit line provided by the EBRD via local Partner Banks together with a 15% grant and free technical assistance funded by the European Union, helps SMEs identify their investment requirements for upgrading towards compliance with the Priority EU Directives. EU Directives can seem daunting at first glance. However, frequently a simple solution can fulfill the requirements, sometimes a more complex approach is required. The free technical advice, provided by an international team of experts helps SMEs in Serbia find the best solution to meet EU directives, become competitive in their trade with EU partners and increase their profitability at home through higher quality product and service offerings.

What loans are available?

Projects can be financed with one or several loans with a cumulative value of up to EUR 1 million per company.
To make investments as easy as possible, companies can follow two different approaches:



Standard Approach

This is for projects where the investment is intended for standard equipment, which requires no complex assessments. Standard equipment includes technologies such as boilers, compressors, PV systems, tractors, and many more. This equipment was assessed and pre-approved for eligibility by our international team of engineers. Please check our TECHNOLOGY SELECTOR for details.


Complex approach

This is for projects where the investment is intended for projects and equipment, which requires a more complex assessments. Projects can be financed with one or several loans with a cumulative value of up to EUR 1 million per each company or group of companies. Investment projects should improve the competitiveness of the company in any market and achieve compliance with one or more of the EU Directives in the field of environmental protection, energy efficiency, workers’ safety, product quality and safety. The international team of experts will assess your project and if you wish, advise on better or alternative project compositions to reach your desired goal.




GRANT – Upon successful verification of your investment project, you are eligible for a cash-back incentive of up to 15% – a good way to reduce the cost of financing your investment.  The cash-back incentive is financed by the European Union.

SIMPLE CRITERIA – Loans and grants under the Serbia SME Competitiveness Support Programme are available for any investment that helps your company meet the more stringent EU directives, thereby increasing your market potential and your profitability

BENEFITS THE EXPANSION OF EXPORT BUSINESS AS WELL AS YOUR MARKETS IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY – All eligible investments improve the product quality.  This enables you to increase your export trade to Europe, but an improved quality will also be available to your customers at home, improving your competitive positioning at home AND abroad.

HIGHER PROFITS – practically all eligible investments can result in reduced energy and resource consumption, lowering your cost base and increasing your competitive advantage as well as your profitability

GREEN ECONOMY CONTRIBUTION – practically all eligible investments reduce pollutants such as greenhouse gas emissions

FREE EXPERT SUPPORT – Simple procedures combined with free technical advice offered by an international team of experts help you pave the way to new markets


Success Storys

Sustainable Printing

The company Papir Print doo was founded in 1992 and developed from providing quite simple printing services into a company offering all types of services relating to the production of printed products ranging from labels and packaging to high quality brochures and publications

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Success Stories

Success Stories are best practice examples of companies that have implemented projects under the programme. They clearly demonstrate the range of opportunities as well as the benefits that the investor can expect.

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