Higher Quality and More Sustainable Production of Consumer Goods

Loan Amount

€ 434,598

Grant amount

€ 65,190

EU Directives met


Directives relating to environmental protection, H&S requirements and energy efficiency

Invested in


Injection moulding lines and warehouse

Energy Savings and GHG reduction

254 MWh/year

76 t CO2/year




EZ d.o.o. Busovača was founded in 1989 and produces cleaning agents, cosmetics and plastic packaging. The Company sells its products Bosnia and Herzegovina and exports to Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and other markets.

The company has two production facilities, and three distinct but interrelated production programmes. One facility is dedicated to the production of hygiene products (household chemicals) sold under the brand names Tisal, Citral, Glanz, Lilla and DAILY, and to the manufacture of cosmetic products under the brand names Ella and Royal line. The second production site houses injection molding lines for plastic and blown packaging, which is used for the company’s own packaging needs, but which is also sold to other manufacturers (PET, PE, PP). All raw materials used in production are of EU origin and in compliance with EU Directives, which is part of the company’s strategy to safeguarding high product quality.

In 2019, the company initiated a comprehensive upgrade programme, which consisted of two investment projects, and which was completed in 2022. The first project focused on machinery upgrades with a €255,646 investment in a line for production of plugs (pressing process type HSJ-16A), injection mold for PET preforms with 24 nests (ampoules 23-26 grams) and molding tools for PET preform injection 16- well (16-gram ampoules). The purpose of the second investment of €178,952 was the construction of a new 1,700 m2 warehouse and associated electrical installations.

The new equipment, which is fully compliant with relevant EU Directives, substantially increases the product quality and the higher level of automation has a great positive impact on the occupational health and safety of the company’s employees. In addition, the new lines use less energy and less raw materials, both of which are good for the environment.

EZ d.o.o. is ISO and HACCP certified.

The company received free technical assistance to optimize its investment project and 15% grant cash-back after the successful project verification, funded by the European Union. 

With the investment, the company now meets a wide variety of standards, including:

  • Directive 2009/125 establishing a framework for the setting of Eco-design requirements for energy-related products (recast)
  • Directive 2014/35/EU on the Harmonization of the Laws of Member States relating to Electrical Equipment Designed for Use within Certain Voltage Limits
  • Directive 89/654/EEC concerning the minimum safety and health requirements for the workplace
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