Frequently Asked Questions

Why the SME Competitiveness Support Programme

Getting ready to align with Priority EU Directives and regulations can open a wide array of opportunities but it can be daunting.

To address these challenges EBRD has attracted the support of the European Union to fund a team of consultants helping companies to define the optimal technical solution and to offer incentive grants that make the necessary investments easier for SMEs

What support does the SME Competitiveness Support Programme experts provide?

The technical assistance is provided to SMEs free of charge, to help them ensure they comply with the requirements.

Experts can advise investors on the most suitable equipment choices.

Experts can also advise investors on additional investment opportunities as well as in possibilities for ISO and other types of certification, which will bring the investor’s business and its processes even closer to alignment with EU directives.

Can I finance used equipment?

Financing of second hand equipment is possible if on an exceptional basis the equipment was thoroughly evaluated by our team of experts and if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Equipment was fully reconditioned
  • Equipment has a guarantee of at least 6 months from the supplier
  • Fairness of the investment cost compared to a new equivalent is proven

Can I finance vehicles?

Vehicles are eligible for a loan and grant under the Programme if they:

  • are used for business purposes only
  • replace old vehicles (evidence of scrapping the old vehicle must be provided)
  • meet foreseen EU standards

Can I finance used vehicles?

Second hand vehicles are not eligible.

I am not a client with one of the Participating Banks. Can I apply for a credit and grant under the Kosovo SME Competitiveness Support Programme?

Credit and grants under the SME Competitiveness Support Programme are only available through our participating Partner Banks.

My company is registered in the country, but the project is outside of the country.

The project has to be implemented in the country.  The project has to be in compliance with all applicable national environmental, social and health and safety legislation and employment regulations and standards in effect in the country, as well as any relevant public consultation obligations in effect in the country.

I am an individual entrepreneur and I have no employees. Can I apply?

Yes, all SMEs and entrepreneurs can apply.  Companies with more then 249 employees are not eligible.  But there is no lower limit.

When can I get the grant payment?

Once the project is fully implemented, you can apply for project verification.  Once the project was successfully verified, the Partner Banks will request the grant payment from EBRD and will transfer the grant to your account as soon as it was received.

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