Partner Banks

Our Financing Partners

To simplify the process all financing mechanisms are channeled through local Partner Banks, who receive continued support from the Programme’s Project Consultants.

Credit terms and conditions are set by the local Partner Banks and the ultimate decision whether or not to extend financing to an applicant company is made by the Partner Banks only. EBRD, EU and the Project Consultants have no influence on this decision.

The Project Consultant is responsible for the technical assessment of investment projects and, together with the Verification Consultant, for setting and checking grant amounts. The Partner Banks will pay Grant incentives to the owners of successfully completed and verified projects. However, the Partner Banks have no influence on the level of grants to be paid out.

The following Partner Banks currently participate in the Bosnia and Herzegovina SME Competitiveness Support Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina :

Intesa Sanpaolo Banka BiH is one of the leading banks on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a long continuity of banking operations. It is a commercial bank of the universal type, fully licensed for all types of banking transactions in domestic and foreign currencies. The range of services is focused both corporate and retail banking and serves 170,000 clients. Today, the Bank has 5 branches and 48 operating units, as well as a network of 112 ATMs and more than 2.700 POS machines, and it operates on the whole territory of BiH, in the Federation of BiH, Republika Srpska, and Brcko District.

Sparkasse Bank dd BiH is a member of the Austrian financial institution Steiermärkische Sparkasse. Our parent bank Steiermärkische Sparkasse is the largest regional bank in the south of Austria with its 200 years old tradition of business and long-term and sustainable development strategy in the countries of the region. As a member of Erste Bank und Sparkassen Austria, it is part of the largest group of banks focused on retail and small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. Sparkasse Bank BIH with total assets of almost 1.4 billion BAM, and a team of more than 500 employees in 40 branches throughout the country, is as a safe and reliable partner for the citizens and legal entities in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We offer a wide range of financial products for individuals, small and medium enterprises, large companies, institutional clients and public sector, focusing on speed and efficiency of providing services, and strengthening customer trust and loyalty. Our ultimate goal is to develop according to the international standards of the group in a modern bank that retains the traditional values of Sparkasse, along with the orientation to retail business and small and medium enterprises. The engagement of our bank goes beyond the banking business itself: from the very beginning of business in BiH, we launched a number of socially beneficial projects for our community in various segments, and we are a proud owner of the award “DOBRO” for corporate philanthropy and volunteerism.

UniCredit Bank d.d. Mostar is a registered commercial bank headquartered in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the total assets of BAM 5.9 billion and net profit of BAM 97.2 million, the Bank currently operates the network of 75 branches covering the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which makes UniCredit Bank products and services available to every client in all major towns and places in Bosnia and Herzegovina. UniCredit Bank is the leading bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina according to majority of performance indicators. (data as of 31/12/2018)

UniCredit Bank offers a full set of banking products and services, including corporate banking, retail banking, financial institutions, cross-border operations, and investment banking services. Its business success is based on continuing improvement of service quality and creating products according to financial market demands, whereby the client is always put in the center of its business activities. With the service model of business, which ensures segment approach to every client, as well as easy and efficient service providing, UniCredit Bank enjoys reputation of a stable and reliable partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Membership in UniCredit Group further contributes to its strength and stability.

As a leading bank on the market, UniCredit Bank is entitled as a best bank and best service provider in different segments and for last two years is awarded with the title of The Best Bank in B&H by magazine The Banker.

UniCredit Bank a.d. Banja Luka is the licensed commercial bank with the registered office in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Bank provides the full range of financial services to companies and private individuals in the Republic of Srpska, one of the two entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The set of banking services provided by the Bank includes the operations with private individuals, small and medium sized companies, corporate and investment banking, business with financial institutions and public sector as well as international operations.

The Bank actively participates in the implementation of new development projects in the banking sector and contributes through its engagement to the promotion of an innovative approach to the market, transparent communication, implementation of the highest reporting standards and sharing the know-how gained from the rich experience and affiliation with the UniCredit Group.

Using precisely the best practices of the member banks of the UniCredit Group, and taking into account the specifics and true needs of our clients, we strive to provide them with an integrated approach to our products and services through simplified procedure of contracting through “one contract” for several products and services in the package. In this way, besides increasing the efficiency of the work, we strive to provide the simplicity and ease in dealing with the Bank to the clients.