Serving International Construction Markets

Founded in October 1996, RAJZ d.o.o. has been active as a retailer and wholesaler of construction materials since 2002. In 2008, the company started its own production of construction materials for finishing works, with an installed production capacity of 15,000 tons. The production range includes façade paints, varnishes, construction adhesives, mortars etc. In 2013 and 2014, the production capacity was increased to 30,000 tons a year.  ISO (9001 and 14,000) and CE Mark certified, exports represent an increasing share of the company’s sales, including direct exports to Montenegro, Serbia Croatia and North Macedonia. Additionally, exports to EU countries are handled via cooperation partners.

To continue its successes, the company invested in a range of equipment for capacity expansion, further quality improvement and safe and sustainable production.  Amongst others, the new equipment includes Personal protective equipment, Snail transporter, a Manual pallet jack, Color filling machine, Silos, Spectrometers, a Transportation vehicle (Euro norm), etc

The company received free technical assistance to optimize its investment project and 15% grant cash-back after the successful project verification, funded by the European Union. 

With the investment, the company now meets a wide variety of standards, including:

    • Directive 2014/35/EU on the Harmonization of the Laws of Member States relating to Electrical Equipment Designed for Use within Certain Voltage Limits
    • Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2011 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products and repealing Council Directive 89/106/EEC
    • Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery, and amending Directive 95/16/EC (recast);
    • Directive 2014/30/EU on the harmonization of the laws of the Member States relating to electromagnetic compatibility
    • EU directive 2007/46 – approval of motor vehicles, trailers and vehicle components; EU regulation 661/2009 – approval requirements for motor vehicle safety
    • Regulation (EC) No 595/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council with respect to emissions from heavy duty vehicles (Euro VI) and amending Annexes I and III to Directive 2007/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council;
    • Directive 2000/53/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 September 2000 on end-of life vehicles.

Loan Amount


Grant amount

€ 35,360

EU Directives met


Construction products, machinery,  electromagnetic compatibility, heavy duty motor vehicles, etc

Invested in


Equipment for capacity expansion, quaility improvement, Health & Safety and transport



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