The company “Delibasic – Polyurethanes” sets new trends in the sleeping systems industry with new investments

The Company ‘Delibasic – Polyurethanes d.o.o.’ was founded in 1997 with the aim of producing soft polyurethane (PU) foam for the needs of the furniture industry. In the start-up phase, it employed 5 employees and initially focused on trading with foam products. Due to the growing market demand for PU foams, the company built its own factory for the production of PU foams in 2005. In 2007, its own PU foam production enabled the development of a new production plant and product portfolio, expanding into a wider range of sleeping products. A brand called MojSan (MyDream) was created, and in 2014 the MojSan® mattress factory was opened to serve the market for mattresses and to meet better the growing demand.

Over the last 7 years, the MojSan® brand has achieved a high level of recognition in the market, and has by now become synonymous with “domestically produced and high-quality products” in the segment for sleeping systems. The recognizes four important parties, which have to be constantly satisfied in order to secure the company’s successful development: employees, owners, suppliers and customers.  Ensuring satisfaction of all four parties is the ideal basis and the company’s secret of stable growth and development of business goals. Now, in 2021, the company has three production facilities, 124 employees, seven showrooms, and the company’s products can be found in over 200 partner furniture showrooms across the region.

In our offer we have mattresses, over-mattresses, pillows, bedding, latoflex boards, beds, and other products for the sleeping range.

The business strategy of our brand is aimed at achieving complete customer satisfaction, primarily due to product quality and a professional relationship with customers. From the very beginning, the constant education of our representatives was in the focus of the company’s management with the aim of professional development, recognising and meeting customer needs, thus achieving the effect of customer awareness of the importance of quality sleep. Thanks to satisfied customers, we have achieved the effect that is most important in the work we do, and that is satisfied customers’ recommendation and sharing their positive experiences with our products amongst their friends and acquaintances. With the policy of recommended prices, we have managed to achieve a fair relationship with all our customers, regardless of the method of payment and place of sale. In our own sales channels, products can be purchased through payroll, effectively giving credits to customers through our own funds for up to 12 months without fees. At the same – recommended pricing, which is recognised and appreciated by customers throughout BiH ensures price transparency. From the very beginning, MojSan® products and the pricing policy itself were designed in such a way that we offer a high level of quality for the price paid by the customer. We can truthfully claim that products with this level raw material quality and our bespoke level of workmanship would normally command a significantly higher price with other suppliers that offer the same product quality and characteristics. We manage to offer high quality at a competitive price because we own a foam factory that produces for our end products, as well as the fact that we use the most modern machines in this industry with an emphasis on high productivity – that allowed us to adjust prices to market conditions of BiH.

Together with our partners, guided by our common business interest, we have developed cooperation that can already be characterised as quality in a very short time. This is in fact anchored in all the positive values that the MojSan brand promotes in other markets, and they are reflected in the quality of the products, the sizeable selection, which includes over 93 different sleeping items, modern identity, visualisation and design that we promote, and the superior support we provide to end customers through our partners. All of the above has led to the presence of the MojSan brand in the markets of Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Austria and beyond.

Through the EBRD’s “Bosnia and Herzegovina – Small and Medium Enterprises – Competitiveness Support Programme”, the MojSan® brand has made a significant investment in improving and perfecting the production of mattresses within its own factory in Kakanj. A significant investment in the modernization of the MojSan® mattress production line aims to harmonise its own technological capabilities with new market requirements, but also to set new trends in the sleeping systems industry. The investment of BAM 500,000 means upgrading and creating the necessary conditions that will enable the development of mattresses and bed systems of a new generation. The experience of producing top quality mattresses for more than a decade, with investments in new canvas processing machines, environmentally friendly methods of gluing mattresses, and new product packaging technology, will mean maintaining a leading position in the field of sleeping systems.

The company Delibasic-poliuretani d.o.o. currently employs 124 people. Occupational safety and security is given special importance, following the legislation and internally prescribed procedures. The legal regulations that we regularly implement and/or audit relate to: microclimate testing and physio-chemical harmfulness in summer and winter, regular DDD measuring, testing of means of work and electrical installations, mandatory means of safety at work, regular training of employees for jobs with special conditions and obtaining certificates (e.g., for forklift drivers), education and training for new employees or employees changing jobs, regular working hours, obtaining operating permits for all new equipment we procure – as part of the procurement of new machines and equipment.  Furthermore, special attention is paid to new safety systems (start-stop sensors) to raise the safety of operators and workers passing by machines to a higher level, possession of occupational safety studies as well as acts on risk assessment for workplaces, and training for first aid.

The production processes we perform allow us to create very small amounts of recycled materials that are reused through recycling. The materials we in the production of sleeping system are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. In recent times, we have committed ourselves to accepting returned packaging that our products were delivered in customers. This packaging material is returned to our factory, and we deliver it to recycling centres. In this way, control the whole process relating to packaging material and can ensure that higher environmental standards are met.

As in every branch of the economy, the coronavirus pandemic has left its mark. The MojSan® brand has successfully expanded its production capacities, enriched its production plant with new machines, and opened two new showrooms in BiH and expanded its sales network, despite many aggravating factors regarding the increase in the prices of raw materials and the like. As a result, the number of employees increased. We have once again confirmed that the quality of products and the satisfaction of end users is a sure way to develop any company. We must point out that, at the hight of the pandemic, we donated 1,000 mattresses to COVID clinics throughout BiH.

Our new collection of products that we launched in 2021, will enter the promotion and distribution processes now in 2022. This will definitely refresh our market segment in BiH and the region. Expanding the sales channel, production capacities, and expanding and strengthening the MojSan® brand will be the set goals for 2022.

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