Partner Banks

Our Financing Partners

To simplify the process all financing mechanisms are channeled through local Partner Banks, who receive continued support from the Programme’s Project Consultants.

Credit terms and conditions are set by the local Partner Banks and the ultimate decision whether or not to extend financing to an applicant company is made by the Partner Banks only. EBRD, EU and the Project Consultants have no influence on this decision.

The Project Consultant is responsible for the technical assessment of investment projects and, together with the Verification Consultant, for setting and checking grant amounts. The Partner Banks will pay Grant incentives to the owners of successfully completed and verified projects. However, the Partner Banks have no influence on the level of grants to be paid out.

The following Partner Banks currently participate in the Republic of North Macedonia SME Competitiveness Support Programme in Republic of North Macedonia:

Ohridska banka Societe Generale is a universal banking institution which belongs to one of the biggest financial groups in the world – the Societe Generale Group. With more than 146.000 employees, with presence in 66 countries, Societe Generale Group serves 31 million clients around the world for more than 150 years. Ohridska banka Societe Generale works according to the high standards of Societe Generale with respect to the four core values of the Group: team spirit, innovation, commitment and responsibility. The main strategy of Ohridska banka Societe Generale is continuous quality improvement of the performance of banking services and its full dedication to meet the needs of its clients.

Through its Headquarters in Skopje and the wide network of 27 branches in Macedonia, Ohridska banka Societe Generale aims to be a symbol in banking relations, recognizable on the market, close to its clients, chosen because of its quality and the commitment of its teams. Ohridska banka Societe Generale in 2016 was the holder of three awards in the category “Best Bank in Macedonia” by the three most important authorities – “Global Finance”, “Euromoney” and “The Banker” and holder of the award “Best Bank in Macedonia” in 2017 by “Global Finance” and “Euromoney”. In 2018, the Bank received the “Best Bank in Macedonia” award by the magazine “Global Finance”. In 2019, the Bank again received the “Best Bank in Macedonia” award by the publication of the World Bank – “Global Finance”.   

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is one of the leading banks in the Republic of North Macedonia with market share of 22.7% in the total assets, 26.6% in the total customer deposits, 16.4% in the total net loans to customers and 20.4% in the total capital and reserves. In its long existence, the Bank has built an image of a bank with tradition, trust, reliability, innovation and a strong national and international reputation, guided by its basic mission to be a highly profitable institution which is recognized as the leading independent, privately-owned Macedonian bank offering a universal range of services and with a strong international reputation professionally supported by a strongly market-oriented, well trained management and staff of the highest expertise and integrity. 

As of December 31, 2018, the Bank has the largest customer base, including 941,474 clients, individual persons and 34,583 clients, legal entities. Through the widespread network of 11 city branches, 54 branches, 158 ATMs and 4,568 POS terminals, which is constantly increasing, the Bank is always close to service to the final users and in the function of providing fast and efficient international services for its clients, the Bank has established correspondent relations with 607 banks from 72 countries and maintains nostro and vostro accounts with 28 banks.   

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje holds 49% of the equity capital of KB Prvo penzisko drustvo AD Skopje founded together with the Prva pokojninska druzba from Ljubljana, in accordance with the reform of the pension system accomplished in the Republic of Macedonia in 2005., as well as a qualified share of 64,29% in Investment Fund Management Company – KB Publikum Invest AD Skopje that has been established together with a group of investors from Slovenia and Italy in 2008 and it manages the open investment fund KB Publikum Balansiran since 2009, with the KB Publikum Paricen and KB Publikum Obvrznici investment funds since 2011 and KB Publikum MBI 10 since 2017.

Komercijalna Banka is one of the most successful banks in the Republic of North Macedonia, with strong domestic and international reputation, being confirmed by the leading position on the Macedonian banking market in certain segments of operations, as well as by the numerous international and national bank awards.

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Sparkasse Bank Makedonija – tradition, reliability and trust!

Tradition, reliability and trust are synonymous with Sparkasse Bank Makedonija, durable values that are part of our and your everyday life, part of our common success. They give us the right to believe in a common future and in the realization of efficient and modern banking. Proof of this statement is the confidence expressed through the achieved results in the past years and the continuous development of the Bank. The bank ended the past 2017 with assets of over 305.5 million euros and nearly 58,600 active clients receiving top banking services in 26 most modern branches throughout Macedonia.

Our mother bank Staermerkische Sparkasse, through the long-standing tradition of nearly two centuries, is a synonym for stability and continuity in the work with a built-in brand Sparkasse with red S.

The red sign S means:

– Reliability, trust and tradition, which makes it a trusted partner for employees and clients;
– A solid business model of a strong and successful group that is resistant to crisis;
– An economically successful concept that follows the principles of social responsibility.

Steiermaerkische Sparkasse Group, with total assets of 15 billion euros, 233 branches and regional centers, about 2,751 employees and about 702,414 clients in Styria and Southeast Europe (according to data from the end of 2017) is the largest regional bank in the south of Austria.

The Group has a long-term and sustainable investment strategy in the region, which makes it a trusted partner and investor behind Sparkasse Bank Makedonija. As a member of Erste and Steiermaerkische Sparkasse Group, Sparkasse Bank Makedonija is part of the strongest group of banks focused on working with individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe.