How to Apply
The application process consists of the steps listed below.  Please feel free and ask assistance from our technical team at any time during the process:
  • Submit your completed application form to one of our Partner Banks.
  • The Partner Bank will forward all relevant documents to our team of technical experts for evaluation. The technical experts will carry out an initial project eligibility check, whilst the Partner Bank will check your creditworthiness status.
  • If the technical and financial checks are positive, you will be requested to sign a ‘Letter of Engagement’
  • Our technical team will start preparing the Investment Plan (IP) together with you and will determine the concrete needs for investment in order to achieve compliance with EU Directives. Our technical team will develop the IP and Activity Based Schedule (ABS) for your project, confirming the eligibility of your project, determining the grant incentive amount and parameters/conditions for achieving compliance at the end of the project. The IP Report will be sent to your chosen Partner Bank, who will negotiate the loan offer with you.
  • As soon as you have fully implemented your project, submit the following documents to the Partner Bank:
  • Completed CVR Checklist (this was part of your Investment Plan)
    • Invoices
    • Proof of payment
    • Acceptance certificates (if applicable)
    • The completed ‘Request for Incentive’
    • The programme’s Verification Consultant will check the project completion according to the parameters specified in the IP, evaluating the completion and commissioning of your investment project and confirm its compliance with the initial plans in the Investment Plan to your Partner Finance Institution.
    • The Partner Finance Institution will transfer the grant incentive to your bank account.
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