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Our Financing Partners

To simplify the process all financing mechanisms are channeled through local Partner Banks, who receive continued support from the Programme’s Project Consultants.

Credit terms and conditions are set by the local Partner Banks and the ultimate decision whether or not to extend financing to an applicant company is made by the Partner Banks only. EBRD, EU and the Project Consultants have no influence on this decision.

The Project Consultant is responsible for the technical assessment of investment projects and, together with the Verification Consultant, for setting and checking grant amounts. The Partner Banks will pay Grant incentives to the owners of successfully completed and verified projects. However, the Partner Banks have no influence on the level of grants to be paid out.

The following Partner Banks currently participate in the Kosovo SME Competitiveness Support Programme in Kosovo:

ProCredit Bank is a development-oriented commercial bank. We offer excellent customer service to small and medium enterprises and to private individuals who have the capacity to save and who prefer to do their banking through electronic channels. In our operations, we adhere to a number of core principles: We value transparency in our communication with our customers, we do not promote consumer lending, we strive to minimise our ecological footprint, and we provide services which are based both on an understanding of each client’s situation and on sound financial analysis.

We focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, as we are convinced that these businesses create jobs and make a vital contribution to the economies in which they operate. By offering simple and accessible deposit facilities and online banking services and by investing in financial education, we aim to promote a culture of saving and financial responsibility among business clients as well as private individuals. 

Our shareholders expect a sustainable return on investment over the long term, rather than being focused on short-term profit maximisation. We invest extensively in the training and development of our staff in order to create an open and efficient working atmosphere and to provide friendly and competent service for our clients.
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BPB was established in Kosovo in year 2001 and offers a wide range of commercial banking products, with a focus on SME and retail. The EBRD has held a 10 per cent stake in the bank since 2011, with the majority stake held by Kosovan businessmen and 4.6 per cent by Banka di Cividale. During recent period of time BPB has undertaken a serious shift in strategy which resulted to be very efficient and successful in terms of development in many different ratios.

Assets grew from 163 Mio in 2016 to 255 Mio in 2018, whereas Loan portfolio has sown positive denomination from 107 Mio to 163 Mio in last 2 years. The bank has a considerable wide range of branch network consisting of 27 branches and 37 ATM-s of latest models equipped with all functions including cash in deposits. BPB serves nearly 50,000 active clients for which has also introduced new E and M-banking platforms. Taking to consideration all the positive developments of the bank, in 2018 it was announced as the best bank of 2018 by The Banker.

Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI). RBI came to Kosovo by the end of 2002 by purchasing most of the shares of the American Bank of Kosovo to complete the purchase and rename the bank in June 2003. In June 2003, RBI became the owner of 100% of shares and named the Bank Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo. RBI offers corporate and investment banking for Austrian and international companies, an extensive banking and leasing network in CEE for both corporate and retail customers. Additionally, the Group comprises numerous other financial service providers, for instance in the fields of leasing, asset management as well as mergers and acquisitions. 
According to the Balance Sheet as at 31 December 2020, total assets of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo were € 1,116 million, total customers’ deposits € 916 million whereas lending balance was € 709 million. Raiffeisen Bank has a capital of €63 million.

Raiffeisen Bank offers a wide range of banking services and products for all clients: individuals, small and medium enterprises and corporate. Since its presence in the market, Raiffeisen Bank is very successful by achieving continuous development in all segments including loans and deposits.

Raiffeisen Bank is committed to responsible banking for a sustainable future. That is why we were the first bank in Austria to sign the UN Principles for Responsible Banking. As responsible bankers, we support our customers in Austria and CEE with sustainable financial products and comprehensive know-how.

To support further our business activities and to offer high quality banking services to our customers with cutting-edge technology, we continued to invest in our IT and Operations. In recognition of this, we became the first company in the region to be certified by Registered Quality Assurance (LRQA) for ISO 20000.

Raiffeisen Leasing Kosovo L.L.C. was established on 17 March 2008, with its headquarters in Prishtina. The main activity of the company is the provision of financial Leasing for movable and immovable property. Raiffeisen Leasing Kosovo L.L.C. is a member of one of the most popular financial active groups in the market of Central and Eastern Europe. The activity of financial leasing is regulated by the Law no. 03/L-103 on Leasing, approved by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

Raiffeisen Leasing Kosovo L.L.C. is the first licensed company to carry out the activity of providing Financial Leasing in Kosovo.

During these years of operation, Raiffeisen Leasing L.L.C. has built a stable position in the Kosovo market, making it the leading company in providing leasing products to customers throughout the territory of Kosovo.

The Head Office is located in Prishtina, while we also have our branches in Ferizaj, Gjilan, Prizren and Peja.

Raiffeisen Leasing Kosovo L.L.C. meets the needs of customers, such as:

    • Micro Businesses
    • Small and Medium Businesses
    • Corporates
    • Private Individuals
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